Team Builder Platform

Power Your Business to New Heights

The Skill Tracs Platform can power your business to new heights by easily systematising and optimizing all of your business processes, through the proper hiring, managing and training of your team members. This integrated approach provides an efficient, seamless operation of your business, maximizing income and growth.

Platform Features –

Hire - Manage - Train with Skill Tracs


Get the Skills and Experience you Need Without time consuming Resumes and Interviews

No need to pour over resumes and irrelevant job history.  You can now simply link candidates to your Skill Tracs Hiring page and quickly find qualified prospects. Prospects are automatically scored and ranked based on your hiring criteria. Easily create targeted, job specific interviews with Interview Builder and only interview qualified candidates  .


Optimize Your Team's Skills with Skills Management

You need well trained, experienced and motivated staff to grow your business. Increasing team member performance and productivity has never been easier. You can easily manage your team members activities, add/edit workflows and provide interactive coaching through Active Goals.


Build and Enhance Your Team's Skills with Integrated Training

Interactive real time training provides training on an as needed basis. Create a complete Training Plan for new employees. New skills can be added or enhanced for new and existing team members. Progress can be easily monitored with built in feedback and reporting.